Hello, I'm Iyad.

Full Stack Developer,

and aspiring UX designer.

Personal Photo of myself

I'm a self taught full stack web developer, learning as much as I can through the sources that are available to me. Currently I'm doing the Google UX design course. I believe that web development and UX design go hand in hand when it comes to establishing an online presence.

Through my studies, I've gained a solid understanding of computer science, web and software development concepts. I'm also a quick learner, and I'm capable of transferring my skills and knowledge across different platforms.

My Skills

  • Javascript ES6
  • HTML & CSS
  • Express
  • Node
  • Python
  • Django
  • Java
  • Git
  • MongoDB
  • SASS
  • Vue
  • React

  • Projects

    Image of one of my Golden Key Driving School website project.

    Golden Key Driving School website

    A website for Golden Key Driving School. Website was created using Express and Node. I wanted to add a flare of modernity with simplicity in the design. Furthermore, the site has a registration section where students fill out their info, and the info is emailed to the driving school.

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    Image of my h-immigration website project.

    H-Immigration Website

    A website for H-Immigration. Website is built using vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS. The website is built with a mobile first design strategy. Considering the target audience of the business, I decided to design the website in a professional and modern manner.

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    Image of one of my 'Chill Player' project.

    Chill Player

    A web app that plays videos based on selected criteria. The app was designed to be a background player for ambience. App was built with React and with the YouTube API.

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    I like to stay busy and always have a project in the works. I take on projects that will expand my knowledge. My upcoming projects will focus on Django, Python and the NEXT.js framework.

    Stock image of a keyboard, earphones, notebook and a coffee mug.

    Blog website

    A blog website developed using Python, Django, and Bootstrap.


    Stock image of a building.

    Personal Photo Showcase

    A website where I showcase pictures that I've taken. The website will be built using Next.js


    Let's Build Something Together

    Feel free to reach out if you're looking for a web developer, or just want to connect!


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